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Three things that are of the utmost importance:


Two, I am about to send off my TW BB fic to be counted as a first draft. *clutches fic protectively* I really don't want anyone to do artwork, because if I get stuck with something really sucky and half assed, I won't be able to get rid of it, and it'll be associated with my fic forever. *cries* Anyway, whatever.

Three, I suck. I missed Double D's b-day picspam. *hides* Will do a mini spam on tumblr later to make up for it.

SO. Getting the X-Files again tomorrow, very excited for that, and maybe even some cookies n' cream ice cream too. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.

I ordered Alice (syfy) a couple days ago, and it should be here by the end of this month, they were oh-so-specific on the estimated arrival date. *snorfle* I rewatched it recently and decided I just had to own it, no exceptions, because there are so many things I adore about it, the top reason being Hatter, because how many people can be sexy, adorable, and funny all in one second? (OKAY I CAN NAME A FEW BUT WHATEVER, STFU XD) Yeah. I thought so. Sexy Hatter spam coming soon on Tumblr also.

Yeah, I have a tumblr, I caved. dreamystardust if anyone wants to add me :D Just let me know who you are first, in case I don't recognize you and ignore you as spam or something.

COMING SOON ON TUMBLR: Double D spam, Johnny Depp, Hatter, and maybe I'll spring an unexpected!hot!JB pic, if you're all good ;)
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