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So lately, I've been getting headaches. I get different types, some are from being tired, and some from motion sickness, like when I swing or spin around a lot, I get dizzy and faint. I go to bed at 1-1:30AM, and wake up at about 11AM, I try to eat fruit at about 12ish, but I'm horrible at keeping food in my system all day so that I have energy to burn. I sometimes have trouble falling asleep, and I'm woken up early in the morning a lot because everyone is always moving around, and the kids are playing and yelling, and sometimes I can't fall back asleep from that.

But now, the headache I have is like the kind I get from motion sickness, although I haven't done anything to provoke one since last night when I went outside to swing. I'm kind of getting really worried now, I have no idea what's wrong with me. I'm not really active, I don't do sports classes or go out and jog or anything. I have multiviatamins I 'm supposed to take daily with food, just to keep my system up and running, and to make up for all the calcium I don't have, as I don't drink milk ever, or eat a lot of dairy, but I haven't been taking them at all for a while now, just  because I always forget. Are there certain types of food I can eat every day that'll help, or something I should do? Help D:
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