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friends cut (please read)

Doing a friends cut, as there are a lot of people I don't ever talk to on my list. If you see that you've been cut, please de-friend me, or if you think you've been unfairly cut, PM me and maybe we can get to know each other better.

Thank you :)
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    PLEASE READ. I did a friends cut a while ago, and a lot of the people I removed still have me on their list. I'm getting really sick if writing…

  • happy birthday gillian anderson!

    Gillian Anderson B-day picspam here, check it out! (OMG WHY DO I NOT HAVE ANY ICONS OF GILLY? THAT IS SO WRONG, MUST FIND SOME.)


    All of you who still have me friended after my last friends cut, please de-friend me. If you can't see this entry, you've been cut.

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